Halobol - 5MG - 50T

Halobol - 5MG - 50T

Halobol is an extremely strong and potent anabolic steroid analogue, possessing an anabolic strength 19 times the strength of Testosterone, and an androgenic strength 8.5 times the strength of Testosterone. However, it has also been clarified that it has been determined to possess slightly less anabolic strength in humans in practicality. Athletes and bodybuilders should enjoy experiencing a vast increase in strength, lean muscle growth, and an increase in definition. Size increases have purported to be modest but not extreme.

The methylation of the 17th carbon (also known as C17-alpha alkylation) presents the disadvantage of Halotestin causing a degree of hepatotoxicity in the body, and this has been covered. The degree to which this hepatotoxicity presents itself will be further expanded upon in the Halotestin side effects section of this article. This is a factor that must be considered and kept in mind by any potential users who which to use Halotestin.

Finally, because of its inability to interact with the aromatase enzyme and thereby avoid any Estrogen conversion, no risk of any Estrogen-related side effects at any dose should be seen with Halo. This means that users can expect no water retention that would lead to the puffy, bloated, and soft look that is often undesirable, especially during periods of cutting and fat loss, and pre-contest phases for competitive bodybuilders.

Product Common
Active substance Halotestin
Dosage 5 mg/tablet
Packaging 50 tablets
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