Testo P - 10ML

Testo P - 10ML

Testo P steroid fast and the next day you can feel its effects. (Burst of energy, increased energy, aggressiveness in training)

Testosterone propionate almost does not retain water, which means that the weight gain will be less than other testosterone esters, but this will be the mass of muscle, quality.

The side effects of testosterone propionate are less pronounced and are very rare long-term use of high doses of steroid. Almost taksichen liver.

Testo P , to some extent, helps burn fat. Muscles become stiff and relief . That ‘s just wonderful to work with relief.

Testo P is quickly eliminated from the body . Ideal option for preparing for a competition doping control. Many athletes manage to introduce a large amount of testosterone propionate on the eve of the competition, especially those sinned weightlifters GDR. However, it should be mentioned that while the presence of traces of testosterone propionate in the body up to 4 weeks.

Testo P is especially pronounced able to increase the power performance of athletes. This makes steroid indispensable in the practice of weightlifting and powerlifting, especially given the fact that Testo P little water retention and accordingly does not significantly increase the weight of the athlete.

Especially when combined with Testo P + Stanozolol, which is capable of outputting the excess water from the body. Excellent results in terms of power gives the rate of propionate and Turinabol.

Testo P reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and are looking for the heart.

Testo P is best suited for women athlete . They used a steroid once a day in doses of 50-100mg/day, this technique course minimizes the effect of accumulation of androgens in the female body and virtually no masculinization, but gives excellent results in sporting achievements.

Some athletes use testosterone propionate topically, directly to the target muscle. They argue that the injection site appear seals that make the muscles more visually. But it is better not to practice such “unscientific” approach, in order not to risk getting any complication.

Product Common
Active substance Testosterone Propionate OIL
Dosage 100 mg/ml
Packaging 10 ML
  • Brand: Spectrum Pharma
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